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Money Supply in economy expands by 16% YoY in...

July 9, 2020 (MLN): The total money supply circulating within the economy in May 2020 has been recorded at around Rs.24.196 trillion, according to provisional accounts on Monetary Aggregates for the month, maintained by the State Bank of Pakistan.

The money circulating within the economy until last month was Rs.23.58 trillion while until the corresponding month of last year, the figure was Rs.20.8 trillion. This means that money supply has increased 16% over the year and only 3% over the month.

Having broken down the overall money supply in broad categories, the SBP data shows that a total of Rs.6.36 trillion were circulated as notes while Rs.10.29 trillion accounted for transferable deposits which comprise all deposits that are exchangeable on demand at par without penalty/restriction.

The amount circulated as notes which has been high in Pakistan relative to other developed and emerging economies, rose by over Rs 1.34 trillion or 27% over the year.

Apart from this, other deposits constituted Rs.3.2 trillion in May’20, up by 12%, YoY. Other deposits represent all claims other than transferable deposits in national or foreign currency that are represented by evidence of deposits. Similarly, coins circulated surged from Rs.8.6 billion in May 2019 to Rs.9.12 billion in May 2020.

Furthermore, Rs.269.43 billion worth of deposits were held with post offices while National Saving Schemes held Rs.4.05 trillion, marking a growth of 8% YoY from Rs.3.75 trillion.

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CNG stations to remain shut for 48 hours to...

July 09, 2020 (MLN): In order to divert gas to K-Electric and reduce the volume of load shedding, the Sui Southern Gas Company has decided to close CNG stations from Friday to Sunday.

In a letter addressed to Petroleum Pump owners, the company informed that the closure shall be observed from Friday 8 am to Sunday 8 am, i.e. 48 hours.

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Closing Bell: Over the rainbow

July 09, 2020 (MLN): Following the strong upward move seen in previous sessions, equities resumed its momentum by climbing 431 points to close at 36,142-mark as the coronavirus cases appeared to slow down.

Index posted a record trading volume of 2020 on Thursday, which has been the highest since Dec 5, 2019.  

The KSE-100 Index continued its northward journey as the market surged by 2432.54 points in the last 10 straight wins and gained 5% in FY21.

The Index remained positive throughout the session touching an intraday high of 36,190.70

Of the 95 traded companies in the KSE100 Index 61 closed up 32 closed down, while 2 remained unchanged. Total volume traded for the index was 333.34 million shares.

Sectors propping up the index were Commercial Banks with 218 points, Oil & Gas Exploration Companies with 80 points, Power Generation & Distribution with 48 points, Fertilizer with 38 points and Oil & Gas Marketing Companies with 29 points.

The most points added to the index was by HBL which contributed 56 points followed by HUBC with 43 points, PPL with 35 points, BAFL with 31 points and POL with 27 points.

Sector wise, the index was let down by Pharmaceuticals with 20 points, Automobile Assembler with 7 points, Leather & Tanneries with 3 points, Textile Spinning with 2 points and Miscellaneous with 2 points.

The most points taken off the index was by INDU which stripped the index of 9 points followed by SEARL with 8 points, HINOON with 7 points, AICL with 6 points and GLAXO with 5 points.

All Share Volume increased by 149.79 Million to 467.49 Million Shares. Market Cap increased by Rs.66.85 Billion.

Total companies traded were 378 compared to 378 from the previous session. Of the scrips traded 249 closed up, 109 closed down while 20 remained unchanged.

Total trades increased by 30,208 to 153,917.

Value Traded increased by 2.66 Billion to Rs.15.68 Billion


Top Ten by Volume

Unity Foods40,652,000
Pak Elektron39,604,500
TRG Pakistan38,452,500
Hascol Petroleum28,387,500
Lotte Chemical Pakistan18,522,500
Maple Leaf Cement Factory16,538,500
Pakistan International Bulk Terminal15,160,000
The Bank of Punjab12,912,000
Bank Alfalah12,840,287
Fauji Foods11,745,500



Top Sector by Volume

Technology & Communication62,196,100
Commercial Banks60,780,151
Oil & Gas Marketing Companies41,066,072
Cable & Electrical Goods40,778,950
Vanaspati & Allied Industries40,659,600
Power Generation & Distribution21,367,925
Food & Personal Care Products19,018,480



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Pakistan’s Forex Reserves Increase by USD 819.10 Million

July 09, 2020 (MLN): Pakistan's Forex Reserves increased by USD 819.10 Million or 4.56% and the total liquid foreign reserves held by the country stood at USD 18,790.10 Million on Jul 03, 2020.

According to data published by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) its reserves increased by USD 810.60 Million. This increase in reserves is primarily attributed to proceeds of US$1,000 million as GOP loan disbursement from China.

During the week, SBP also made government external debt payments of US$ 231.2 million.

Summary of Holding and Weekly Change

Foreign reserves held byJul 03, 2020Jun 26, 2020Change% Change
State Bank of Pakistan12,041.6011,231.00810.607.22%
Net Foreign Reserves Held by Banks6,748.506,740.008.500.13%
Total Liquid Foreign Reserves18,790.1017,971.00819.104.56%

Amount in USD Million

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Foreign investors take a step back from investing in...

July 09, 2020 (MLN): The foreign investors took a step back from investing in local markets, as the total purchase of securities via Specially Convertible Rupee Accounts (SCRA) stood at Rs.11.1 billion, which is 45.9 percent lower than the prior week.

According to a weekly report on SCRA released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the gross sale of securities during the week was recorded at Rs.10.7 billion, which is around 23.5 percent lower than the figures recorded last week.

Consequently, the net purchase of securities for the week ended July 03, 2020, clocked in at Rs.477.68 million, i.e. around Rs.6.15 billion lower than last week's numbers.

Over the week, the overall purchase of securities declined by Rs.9.43 billion while the net sale of securities tumbled by Rs.3.28 billion.

Apart from this, the inflow of remittance into these accounts stood at Rs.5.55 billion, while its outflow has been reported at Rs.4.28 billion.

The closing balance of SCRA was recorded at Rs.30.76 billion, which marks a rise of Rs.840.14 million over the week.

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