KOHC witnesses turnaround in nine-month profits to Rs 2.53 billion

April 12, 2021 (MLN): Kohat Cement Company Limited (KOHC) has witnessed a turnaround in net profits to Rs 2.53 billion (EPS: Rs 12.60) for the nine months ended on March 31st, 2021 compared to the net losses of Rs 283 million (LPS: Rs 1.41) incurred in the same period last year.

The turnaround in earnings can be attributed to higher retention during the said period.

As per the financial statement sent to PSX,  the company registered a more than two-fold increase in revenues to Rs 17 billion while its cost of sales jumped by 56% YoY due to a massive jump in international coal prices recently (up by  60% since October 2020). As a result, the gross profits of the company clocked in at Rs 4.34 billion in 9MFY21.

On the cost front, the selling & distribution and administrative expenses tweaked up by 27% and 30%, YoY respectively. The other income of the company during the said period declined by 39.45% YoY.

Meanwhile, the finance cost depicted an increase of 2.01 times YoY to Rs 393 million from Rs 195 million.

Further, the company paid taxes worth Rs 997 million, while, it got a tax credit of Rs 31 million for the same period last year.

 Profit and Loss Account for the nine months ended March 31, 2021 (Rupees)




% Change

Sales – net




Cost of goods sold




Gross profit/ (loss)



Selling and distribution expenses




Administrative and general expenses




Other operating income




Other  expenses








Operating profit/ (loss)



Finance cost




Profit/ (loss)before taxation






Profit after taxation



Earnings/(loss) per share – basic and diluted (Rupees)




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