FPCCI urges FBR to clear pending income tax refund

Jun 26, 2020: Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Friday urged for immediate payment of pending income tax refund to save them financial crunch and bankruptcy.

FPCCI Vice President Zahid Iqbal, while talking to a delegation of business community led by Mian Faiz Bukhsh, said it was very unfortunate that most of the times FBR did not fulfilled their promises made with the business community and this practice was continued even in crucial times in the wake of coronavirus.

He stated that the FBR, following the instructions of the prime minister, had asked the COVID-19 stricken tax payers to apply for due refunds.

The RTOs were instructed to forward the amount of refunds to the extent which were verifiable through the system and some of the cases were sent to FBR while others were lying with the RTOs and still on hold till further instructions from FBR.

The business community mostly manufacturers were under agony and facing extreme difficulties because the callous behavour of FBR despite of the clear cut instructions of the prime minister.

Zahid Iqbal hoped that lawful due refund amount of the tax payers would be released soon for the sake of justice and to save the taxpayers from bankruptcy. It merits to mention that these amounts were refundable from the FBR and if these payments were made to the taxpayers it was not an extra favour rather a step which should have to be taken by the FBR a long ago.

Mian Faiz Bukhsh said the FBR last month promised that income refunds would be paid in one click to the system which, he added, still awaited.


Posted on: 2020-06-26T17:41:00+05:00