Trade Development Authority of Pakistan to hold a Dates Show and Seminar on 27th July, 2017

    To underscore the important features of dates from Baluchistan, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan is organizing a Dates Show and Seminar on Value-addition in Dates at PC Hotel Gwadar on 27 July 2017.  

    This will be the first time that such type of comprehensive promotional programme, is going to be organized in Gwadar for creating awareness on the Dates Sector from Baluchistan. The Dates Growers of the area particularly from Turbat and Panjgoor have been facing multiple technical problems due to lack of awareness. The speakers from different quarters are invited for seminar that will highlight about these technical issues and measures for enhancement of exports of dates. 

    The target audience of the seminar will be growers and exporters belonging to different Trade Bodies, Government Organizations and Non-Government Organizations viz., Gwadar Chamber of Commerce, Balochistan Dates Grower Association, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Plant Protection Department, Agriculture Research Department GOB, Agriculture Extension Department of Balochistan, Head of Rural Support Programme Turbat, GPA, GDA, President Freight Forwarders Makran and Turbat range in the Seminar.

    TDAP in its persuasion to increase the export of dates and its bi-products is organizing a series of well-planned date shows and seminar in the various regions of the country in the coming month i.e. in Karachi, D.I.Khan and Khairpur.

    Posted on: 2017-07-20T17:10:00+05:00