SNGPL claims to have overcome low gas pressure issue in different areas

January 7, 2019: The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) on Monday claimed that it had overcome the low gas pressure issue to great extent in different localities of the Federal Capital after the company launched an effective operation against consumers using heavy compressors to increase the gas flow.

“The UFG Control Department has recently launched an operation in selected areas of rural and urban Islamabad and removed 600 heavy compressors installed by consumers to increase gas pressure, which helped in overcoming the issue of low pressure issue,” official sources said.

The UFG teams raided different sectors and areas of Tarnol, Sangjani, Golra, Mera Badi, Tarlai and Bharakahu and removed heaving compressors depriving consumers of regular gas pressure, they added.

This year, the Islamabad region was getting additional 35 mmcfd gas (million cubic feet per day) to ensure smooth supply of the commodity in peak winter season.

The provision of uninterrupted gas to domestic consumers was the top priority of the company, whereas load-management plan was being implemented in industrial sector.

They crackdown against use of compressors would continue unabated and gas connections of the consumers found involved in this illegal activity would be removed instantly.

Meanwhile, the company advised its consumers to avoid excessive use of gas and install efficient gas appliances to maintain smooth flow in transmission lines till the tail-end.

The sources said the company was fully aware of the problems being faced by the consumers and its technical teams were busy around the clock to address the low gas pressure complaints and raiding the premises where compressors were installed to get the increased flow.

They were of the view that consumers should also install quality gas appliances with proper fittings, avoiding rubber pipes, as it would help curtail their utility bills, ensure safety and save the commodity for its judicious use by all consumers.


Posted on: 2019-01-07T13:55:00+05:00