Oil Tanker Operators split into groups over strike

    Oil owners and operators are split into groups over the strike. Oil tankers carrier operators have called off the strike whereas Oil Tankers Owners Association are determined to observe country wide strike.

    The strike has been pressurized by Oil Marketing Companies as several feared that after the incident of Ahmedpur Sharqia, the license of Shell Company might be cancelled. Oil tanker operators have called a country wide strike against harsh treatment and high handiness of the police officials resulting in a carnage of oil transport industry.

    According to the statement released by Oil Tankers Association the incident at Ahmedpur Shariqia has been condemned at its highest level but if the National Highway Police has reached on time and remove the people from the incident the catatstrophic loss could have been avoided.

    We are already paying advance tax and now facing tough time from the Highway police and other officials. Alot of operators are facing huge losses because of heavy challans and penalties.
    The given rules of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority followed would result in additional cost of up gradation ranging from Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakh. This has resulted in an additional cost and transporters are unable to bear this burden and several operators would close down their carriers bsuiness, resulting in a decline of truck movements in the country.

    The government should give some time and give some financial facility to meet the defined rules given out by the authorities.

    Authorities have accused oil tankers of black mailing the government by protesting. Oil tankers, if they are not safety compliant must be held responsible for any incident. Oil tankers should follow rules prescribed by the authorities

    Around 12,000 tankers carry petroleum products across the country, about 40 to 50 tankers are following the rules defined by Authorities whereas about 60 percent of tankers are not complying to the set procedures.

    The protocol suggests that the Oil Tankers should have license from Chief Inspector Explosive. Furthermore, tankers should have fitness certificate from all the relevant District Authorities. In order to decrease chances of any mishap the tankers should follow rules of National Highway Safety Ordinance. In addition to that: Axle, tires and weight should be as per safety ordinance. 

    Posted on: 2017-07-24T12:27:00+05:00