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NFRCC distributes 14.7 tones of relief goods among affectees

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September 23, 2022 (MLN):  National Flood Response Coordination Centre (NFRCC), along with federal, and provincial governments, and armed forces distributed food, ration and medicine, and 14.7 Tons of relief items distributed among flood affectees in 24 hours, a press release was issued on Friday showed.

Regarding food stock, wheat is available in huge quantities and it is sufficient till the next harvesting season. Food crops such as tomatoes are available in huge quantities, and the import of onion and potatoes from Iran and Afghanistan is in progress.

The total requirement of Onion and Tomato in the country is 1.5 Lakh tons and 50K respectively. However, more than 55K Tons of tomato and 6 K Tons of Onion have reached, which excludes available domestic stock.

Masoor and Mash is the main pulse and their import from Australia, Canada and Myanmar are in progress. However, Moung is already in surplus and the more usable pulse Channa is also imported from Australia. Rice requirements can be fulfilled from available stock in the country, overall, the country has sufficient food stock.

In flood areas, 614 Army aviation helicopters have flown to evacuate stranded people and up till now, 4,659 people are evacuated. In affected areas, 147 relief camps, 235 relief collection points, and 300 medical camps, and till now 9,849 Tons of food 1,684.6 Tons of sustenance items, and 9,673,054 medicine items have been distributed among flood affectees by the Armed forces.

Pakistan Navy force established 4 Flood Relief centers and 18 Central Collection Points and distributed 1697 Tons of ration, 6,202 tents & 723,023-liter mineral water. In addition, 19 tent cities have also been established where 23,837 Personnel have been accommodated. They also established 77 Medical Camps in which 85,492 patients have been treated to date.

Pakistan Air Force has provided 6385 Tents, 500,561 Food packages, 3,351.80 Tons of ration, and 280,913-liter fresh water, for the flood affectees. PAF established 46 Medical Camps and 54 relief camps in the country.

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