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NCCPL Revises Settlement Schedule

In a notification issued by the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited has merged the clearing schedule for 31st of May and 1st of June Trades to 5th June.

 The Institutional Delivery System (IDS) module facilitates the Custodian Clearing Members “CCM” for clearing and settlement of trades executed by their foreign portfolio investors, through respective Broker Clearing Members “BCM” in any of the Markets, through National Clearing and Settlement System “NCSS”. Such IDS transactions are initiated, in any of the NCSS live securities based on Exchange Trade received in NCSS as locked-in contract, by BCM and affirmed by CCM by T+1 within specified time as per Designated Time Schedule “DTS”. In this regard, it has been observed that there has been a delay in affirming significant number of trades executed on behalf of the foreign portfolio investors of the CCM by the respective BCM on May 31, 2017 within the specified time as per the DTS. The main reasons for the delay are significant increase in the volume of above mentioned trades, timing difference with international centers, short working hours due to holy month of Ramadan and Friday. In order to ensure seamless clearing and settlement of above trades, it has been decided to merge the clearing of Friday June 02, 2017 with the clearing of June 05, 2017. All other operational procedures shall remain the same.

Trade Date Previous Settlement Date Revised Settlement Date
31-May-2017 02-June-2017 05-June-2017
01-June-2017 05-June-2017  

Revised clearing schedule is as follows: Trade Date Previous Settlement Date Revised Settlement Date 31-May-2017 02-June-2017 01-June-2017 05-June-2017 05-June-2017 Therefore, in accordance with the NCSS Procedures, securities obligations shall be revised and settled on net basis in accordance with the Balance Orders generated based on CM wise, UIN wise and corresponding CDS main, house/sub-account wise by NCSS and money settlement shall be carried out on net basis.

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