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Motor Bike Sales surge by 18% in FY18

Sale of motor bikes and three wheelers in the country during the year 2017-18 increased by 18.32 percent when compared to the sale during same period of fiscal year 2016-17.

The motor bikes sale rose to 1,929,613 units during July-June 2017-18 compared to sale of 1,630,735 units in same period of previous year. 

On year-on-year basis, the motor bike and three wheelers' sale in the country also rose to 156,497 units in June 2018 from 129,342 units in same month of last year, posting an increase of 21 per cent.

According to details issued by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturing Association (PAMA), sale of Honda bikes surged by 19.81 per cent as it jumped to 1,150,346 units in Jul-June (2017-18) from 960,105 units in same period of previous year.

On year-on year basis, the sale of Honda bikes also soared to 91,507 units in June 2018 compared to the sale of 71,465 bikes in same month a year ago, showing an increase of 28 percent. 

Similarly, production of Suzuki two-wheelers also registered an increase of 17.5 per cent as it was recorded 21,724 units against the sale of 18,478 units in same period of last year, however DYL motorcycles' sale fell by 22.8 per cent to 5,703 units during the period under review against the sale of 7,391 units in same period of previous year.

The sale of Yamaha motorcycles also increased to 21,810 units in Jul-June 2017-18 from 13,282 units in same period of previous year thus registering an increase of 64 per cent.

Similarly, sale of Ravi bikes also witnessed an increase of 35 percent as it increased to 29,658 units in July-June 2017-18 from 21,971 units in same period of previous year, whereas the sale of Road prince bikes increased by 5.8 per cent from 207,244 units in July-June (2016-17) to 219,349 units in the period under review.

During July-June (2017-18), as many as 405,958 units of United Auto motorbikes were sold in the country against 326,298 units in same period of the preceding year, showing an increase of 24.4 per cent.  

Sale of Qingqi three-wheelers went down to 23,592 units in the year 2017-18 against sale of 30,502 units in same period of previous year, posting a decrease of 22.6 percent. 

Sazgar three wheelers' sale posted a slight increase of 4.1 percent as it rose to 21,978 units compared to 21,109 units in last year.



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