Govt allocates over Rs43b for welfare of farmers in current fiscal year

    Federal Government has decided to continue relief measures for welfare of the farmers and promotion of agriculture sector during the new financial year.

    Over forty-three billion rupees have been allocated for welfare of farmers while agriculture credit amount has also been increased from seven hundred billion rupees to one thousand and one billion rupees.

    The mark-up rate has also been reduced to nine point nine percent on agriculture loans up to fifty thousand rupees to facilitate small farmers.

    Under the government's relief package, subsidized electricity is being provided to agricultural tube-wells to ensure water for irrigation.

    Agriculture sector had performed a robust growth 3. 46 percent during the out-going financial year and all major crops including wheat, rice, maize, cotton and sugarcane registered healthy produce.

    Posted on: 2017-07-02T18:54:00+05:00