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Countries to work together to boost the economy: Dr Hafiz

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November 14, 2019 (MLN): Finance Advisor, Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said a country’s progress and growth is highly dependent with the other countries’ progress in the region, addressing at Peace and Development Conference in Islamabad today.

He said to improve the region, we should have harmony between the nations. The region has enough potential to improve and give benefits. The region has to collaborate in different sectors to boost the economy. One has to be the coach to thrive economically. And every country in the region has to be an active player to make the region successful.

Talking about the progress of countries in the region, he exemplified how Singapore per capita income has been higher compared with the other countries of the region.

On the global front, several countries are facing the challenge to attract foreign investment like Saudi  Arab is unable to attract foreign investment, he spoke.

He mentioned to attract foreign investment, the country should adopt attractive policies. The conditions offered should be conducive for investment. Alone one country could not offer thousands of jobs.

He said the government has taken bold steps to facilitate business community and foreign investors as well in this regard. Government is adopting measures for ease of doing business. Torkham border has been opened for 24 hours. In Pakistan, no new tax has been imposed on exports.

With regards to peace, he said Pakistan wants peace and harmony in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants to increase trade relations with Iran for better relationships.

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