Award winning start-up baseH launches Pakistan’s first AI Analyst / Robo Advisor

January 22, 2019 (MLN): After launching world’s first Robo Journalist – Dante, last year, baseH Technologies (baseH) – Pakistan’s Premier Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company, rolls out country’s first Robo Analyst / Robo Advisor, which is going to shift and transform Pakistan’s Financial/Investment industry into a new paradigm.

The developers of one of the earliest AI-based content-writing softwares in the world from Pakistan, received unprecedented valuation at seed funding stage. 

The company raised funds at a historic valuation of over USD 4.0 Million at Seed level, which is one of the highest in the AI/Tech space in Pakistan so far.

The Investment Agreement Signing Ceremony took place yesterday at NIC, Karachi, where the start-up is being accelerated. Honorable Federal Minister of IT & Telecom, Mr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui graced the event as Chief Guest while former MPA Mr. Faisal Sabzwari was also present.

The award-winning Pakistani company turns raw data into insightful narratives for investors/users to make timely, sensible and highly informed decisions.

As Robo Analyst, it can produce, within seconds, analytical investment reports with actionable insights (thereby effectively replacing an investment analyst), general political, economic and financial markets news reports, financial analytics report, football/cricket match reports, weather reports; thus any sort of analytical pieces and timely news reports from happenings around the world.

Moreover for investment advisory purposes ‘Sentimeter’, is another revolutionary AI product that analyzes the sentiment of the people at large to ‘gauge and predict’ specific behaviors as to what the majority is thinking and, more importantly, in what direction, so one can form and make an informed decision, accordingly.

Sentimeter with its various tailored versions, Robo Analyst and Robo Advisor, will within seconds assess and predict sentiments prevailing in politics, economy, markets, sectors, companies, stocks and even about individual personalities, to help investment teams make an informed and timely decision for consistent alpha for their clients.

The company has been making big waves ever since it emerged with its Artificial Intelligence writer lovingly called Dante. 

The company is developing solutions for multiple industry verticals, which have data-rich environments and, at its core, lies the ability to use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to create content of high value. Very few companies in the world are doing what baseH has already developed.

According to co-founder Faisal Sherjan “one of the main ingredients that will make this startup a very successful business is the vision and understanding of a changing world. Combine that with the passion of the team to develop deeply impactful technology products, and you have a unicorn in the making.”

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