YoY export value of fruits and vegetables in July 2018 increases by 81.6% and 21.6%:PBS

According to a statement released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the export value of fruits and vegetables during July 2018 has taken a leap of 81.65% and 21.58% respectively, on year-on-year basis.

PBS revealed that fruits worth Rs.3, 733 million were exported in July 2018 as compared to an export, worth a value of Rs.2, 055 million in July 2017.

On the other hand, the exports of vegetables during the month of July 2018 was worth Rs.1, 324 million as compared to the value of vegetable exports in July 2017 which summed up to Rs.1, 089 million.

On month on month basis, the export value of fruits increased by 39.6% while the export value of vegetables decreased by 7.1%.

Fruits worth Rs.2, 674 million and vegetable worth Rs.1, 425 million were exported during June 2018, as per the data collected by PBS.

During July 2018, 33,057 metric ton of fruits and 38,941 metric tons of vegetables were exported from the country.

On the whole, the aggregate value of food exported during July 2018 is Rs.33, 129 million, up by 25.12% on year-on-year basis and down by 12.43% on month-on-month basis.

Posted on: 2018-08-29T16:33:00+05:00