World known US companies to soon invest in Pakistan: A.Hussain Haroon

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Maritime Affairs Abdullah Hussain Haroon on Thursday said that the world has started looking towards Pakistan as a major investment destination and soon the United States world known companies will invest in Pakistan.

“USA and European countries finally found Pakistan as an attractive place for investment,” he remarked while addressing the members of English Speaking Union (ESU) here at Beach Luxury Hotel.

The Foreign Minister spoke on Pakistan's foreign policy; with beautifully responding to questions from the audience. A cluster of diplomats working in Karachi also attended this important session.

ESU President, Aziz Memon along with Vice President Kaleem Farooqui and Majyed Aziz welcomed Abdullah Hussain Haroon, who also had remained office bearer of the ESU for long time.

The Minister said that after Second World War, it was for the first time the global situation had changed. Geo-strategic scenario had changed miraculously

“This shall be happening whether we like or not,” he said adding that great instruments were available in present era. South Asia had big potential.

About Pakistan and India relations, he said it was normal thing. Ups and downs are seen in politics. Pakistan and India must talk to each other for the good of both the nations. Pakistan must pursue for an ideal peaceful neighborhood and for regional harmony. Pakistan would have to talk to everyone. India should not be afraid of developing better relations of Pakistan and Russia, he said.

Pakistan had also big importance in maintaining peace in Afghanistan. When his attention was drawn to the sore relations between USA and Iran, he suggested USA would have to talk to Iran as dialogue was the only answer for global peace.

There was need to look forward with more sagacious approach, he said. He said that USA President Donald Trump was flying at height. “We would have to see things very carefully.”

About China and Pakistan Economic Corridor, and One Belt-One Road Initiative had great importance for the entire world. These could not be under-estimated. CPEC would emerge a great linkage in the world.

He expressed his satisfaction over the results Pakistan achieved in the war against terror.

“We have achieved tremendous results of our war against terror,” he remarked.

To a question, the Minister said liquefied natural gas (LNG) was a cheaper source of energy. With usage of LNG, the country could save dollar 100 million every year.

He said the Caretaker Government had limited time. However, it was trying its best to set things in right direction. He assured that the general election would be held on schedule.

Abdullah Hussain Haroon also expressed concern over the killing of Haroon Bilour.



Posted on: 2018-07-13T14:10:00+05:00