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Weekly Review – Market sheds -884.71 points, falls by 1.82percent

PSX Weekly Performance 10th July – 14th July

Points Change


Percentage Change


Day to Day Position












The KSE-100 index is at -7.2% during the incumbent year since January, 2017. The markets have performed negatively despite the MSCI inclusion during the year. The performance has been affected by the ongoing political instability in the country resulting from Panamagate scandal that surfaced last year. The court proceedings and the delay thereof have caused a serious damage to the markets, which has resulted in an acute loss of confidence in the market by individual and foreign investor who are uncertain about the political future of the country.

The FIPI/LIPI numbers indicate a very bleak picture at the present moment as the markets continue to bleed from the political upheaval. The markets have yet to stabilize from onslaught which ironically started from the date of MSCI inclusion.

However, the market is very much undervalued. With a slight certainty, as to what the final verdict of the Supreme Court will be, the markets are at a very lucrative position.

PSX – Week

WTI – Week


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