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Uncertainty prevails in the capital markets as 100 index gains merely 97 points

A lot of uncertainty prevailed in the capital markets today as the index gained merely 97 points over yesterday’s closing, a percentage increase of about 0.23%. During the first half, the market, although demonstrating uncertainty, was leaning towards the bears. The market had fallen by about 1.9% during the last trading session, after four consecutive sessions of bullish activity.

Closing value for the KSE 100 index was at 42,810 points. The intraday high peaked at 42,940 points while the intraday low was recorded at 42,527 points with the index travelling between a range of 413 points. A total of 123.7 million shares were traded within the KSE – 100 index today, at a value worth PKR 7.9 billion.

Sector-wise, Cement companies dominated the gains on the 100 index, after contributing 58 points to the index, followed by Tobacco, and Fertilizer companies.

Meanwhile Commercial Banking companies constituted the worst performing sector in the market today, having taken 78 points from the 100 index.

Amongst the companies listed in the KSE – 100 index, 54 of them advanced, 37 declined while only 2 of them remain unchanged by the time of closing.

The broader KSE leapt a little higher than KSE 100 index as it closed 145 points higher than yesterday, at 31,054 points. Highest intraday trading value touched 31,087 points while the lowest was recorded at 30,840 points. A total of 278.4 million shares were traded within KSE, valued at PKR 10.5 billion.

Textile Spinning took over the sector turnover at KSE All Share today, as the companies within the sector collectively managed to trade around 45.4 million shares by session end. D.S. Industries Limited saw the most trading activity within the sector, and KSE in general.

Out of all companies traded at KSE, 203 companies have advanced, 117 companies have declined whereas 16 remained unchanged by the day end.

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