Small & Medium Enterprises body urges FBR to extend date of filing returns under Amnesty Scheme

The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has urged the chairman of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to extend the last date of filing returns under the amnesty scheme to give good and sufficient time to the aspirants to liquidate their assets abroad and bring money back to Pakistan.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said that the believers are fasting and praying for long hours during the holy month of Ramazan and are not in a position to take the needful steps to prepare for benefiting and availing the amnesty scheme and the holy month will soon be followed by the Eid holidays and have therefore requested the FBR chairman to consider the extension of time. It is pertinent to note that time offered is crucial and awareness is created and the patriotic aspect is emphasized passionately.

Secondly UNISAME has requested the FBR chairman to arrange for sessions with the chambers of commerce and industry and trade associations to highlight the salient features of the amnesty scheme.

Thirdly Thaver urged the ministry of finance to adopt a friendly attitude to encourage the investors to bring their money back to Pakistan and to increase the return on savings schemes of the National Saving Centre (NSC) to make it viable. UNISAME demanded a conducive environment and the burden of creating a conducive environment will now be on the FBR as the tenure of the government expires shortly and the caretaker government would not be in a position to extend the date unless recommended by FBR and the president of Pakistan takes the decision in the best interest of the country and the economy at large.

UNISAME expects the caretaker set up not to be just a night watchman but apply its mind to crucial matters and recommend best steps to the president of Pakistan based on beneficial effects for the country.

Due to the uncertainty created by the depreciation of the rupee over a period of time the business community apprehends further depreciation and are not inclined to shifting their money to Pakistan unless the government commits to no further depreciation and takes positive steps to strengthen the economy.

In fact the FBR needs to seek the endorsement of all political parties in favour of the amnesty scheme and hold multiple sessions to make it really successful.

Posted on: 2018-05-28T12:25:00+05:00