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SHMI units grows at a rate of 6.51% annually: PBS

October 13, 2021 (MLN): The overall manufacturing units have increased with an annual growth rate of 6.51% over the period, as compared to SHMI 2015, SHMI 2006-07, and 1996-97, the survey report issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics noted.

The survey covers small-scale industrial establishments and household manufacturing units in Pakistan that are engaged in various types of manufacturing activities and provides data on variables of significant economic importance such as employment, employment cost, and gross value added, etc.

This survey is sixth in the series; the last report was published in 1996, whereas the 2006-07 survey report was used internally.

The findings of the survey revealed that household establishments increased by 10.92%, while small establishments increased by 1.58%. Manufacturing establishments reported in 2015 are 1,242,124 as compared to 704,065 manufacturing establishments reported in SHMI 2006-07.

The analysis further portrayed that household establishments have decreased in Baluchistan province over the period of 1996-97 to 2006-07 but increase at a higher rate between the periods of 2006-07 to 2015.

There are more household units compared to small establishments in all provinces. Overall, the highest number of units 764,220 are found in the Punjab province with 62% share followed by Sindh 223,717 units with 18% share, KP 165,703 with 13%, and Baluchistan 88,484 units covering a share of 7%.

In overall SHMI units, all provinces registered a positive growth rate in 2015 compared to the 2006-07 survey with 5.04% in Punjab, 9.76% in Sindh, and 4.79% in KP, and maximum growth of 30.57% in Baluchistan.

With regards to GDP, the contribution to GDP recorded in SHMI 2015 is Rs. 476,260 million, which was recorded by Rs.104,592 million in SHMI 2006-07. The current survey posted an increase (rebasing impact) of 22 % in contribution to GDP if compared with the published value of National Accounts PBS.

Out of total contribution to GDP i.e. Rs. 476,260 million by all the SHMIs reported in the survey at Pakistan level, small manufacturing industries contribute Rs.393, 969 million with a percentage share of 39 83 % and household industries contribute Rs 82,289 million with a percentage share of 18%.

The survey further stated that around 2.7 million workers are engaged with small and household manufacturing establishments throughout the country. Out of 2.69 million workers, 1.5 million were working in household establishments while 1.19 million were engaged in small establishments.

On the taxation front, out of the total amount of taxes paid Rs.621 million by all 37 industries, the top ten industries paid Rs.426 million during 2015 with a share of 69%.

The least share among these industries is textiles and textile articles Rs.13 million with a percentage share of 2 %. The per-unit tax collection is highest in Ornamental and building stone articles with Rs.90 thousand per unit followed by vegetable oils with Rs.25 thousand per unit.

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