Rs357.232 mln released for petroleum sector projects in three months

Sep 21, 2020: The government has released funds amounting to Rs357.232 million during first three months of the current fiscal year to execute eight petroleum projects under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP 2020-21) against the total allocation of Rs 1,786.160 million.

According to the official data, the government has authorized/disbursed an amount of Rs 357.232 as of September 18.

As per the to the PSDP details, the government has earmarked an amount of Rs 1,662.684 million for five ongoing projects, out of which Rs 100 million would be spent in expansion and up-gradation of Pakistan Petroleum Corehouse (PETCORE), Rs 6.524 million for exploration and evaluation of coal in Nosham and Bahlol areas of Balochistan, Rs 303.160 million for supply of 13.5 Million Cubic Feet per Day (MMCFD) gas to Dhabeji Special Economic Zone, Rs 1,153 million for supply of 30 MMCFD gas at doorstep (Zero Point) of Rashakai Special Economic Zone Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Rs 100 million for up-gradation of HDIP’s POL testing facilities at Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta and ISO Certification of Petroleum Testing Laboratory at Islamabad.

While, Rs 123.476 million have been kept for three new schemes, out of which Rs 48 million would be utilized for establishment of National Minerals Data Centre, Rs 20 million for geological mapping of 50 Toposheets (out of 354 unmapped Toposheets) of outcrop area of Balochistan and Rs 55.476 million for strengthening, up-gradation and ISO certification of Karachi Laboratories Complex (KLC) at HDIP Operations Office, Karachi.


Posted on: 2020-09-21T14:04:00+05:00