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RDA: Inflows reach $6.5bn as of July

RDA: Inflows surpass mark of $7bn as of November
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Aug 23, 2023 (MLN): Total inflows into Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) during July 2023 stood at $137 million, bringing the total cumulative inflows into RDA to $6.487 billion.

However, according to data released by the SBP, the amount repatriated and locally utilized during the month was $130m showing that the Net Repatriable Liability of RDA increased by $7m in July.

The amount repatriated during the month was $22m while $107m was utilized locally.

Total cumulative repatriation and local utilization stood at $5.36bn out of which $1.47bn has been repatriated while the locally utilized amount was $3.89bn making the Net Repatriable Liability (NRL) $1.13bn or 17.39% or Total RDA.

Breakup of the NRL shows $319m was still invested in Conventional Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPC), $390m was in Islamic NPC, Equity investment stood at $21m, Balances in Accounts were $377m while Other Liabilities stood at $20m.

During the month of July, 10,383 new accounts were opened taking the total number of accounts to 596,268.

The highest monthly inflow into RDA was recorded in June 2021 during which inflows of $310m were received.

The highest monthly repatriation and local utilization from RDA were recorded in July 2022 during which NRL of RDA reduced by $330m.


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Posted on: 2023-08-23T11:52:40+05:00