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Power Division denounces news channel’s claims of exaggerated theft recovery figures

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April 11, 2024 (MLN): Power Division has strongly refuted the misconceived news published by a news channel wherein the energy correspondent claimed that the theft recovery figures provided by the ex-caretaker Minister for Power were exaggerated as the newly appointed Minister claimed that the actual theft figures are very low.

 In this regard, the power division has clarified through a press statement that the anti-theft campaign was started on September 07, 2023.

In the campaign, two areas of recovery were focused on, the first one was recovery of arrears and the second one was electricity theft by the consumers.

Under the head of arrears recovery, the discos can recover Rs84 billion whereas under the theft head, the discos can recover Rs5.5bn from the consumers.

Therefore, the figure quoted by the former caretaker minister was correct and legitimate.

As the main focus of the current letter issued by the Power Minister was the efforts to curb electricity theft, only the amount recovered under the head of theft was mentioned.

"Given the above, the Newspaper and its Energy correspondent shall consult Power Division for any ambiguity or confusion before quoting any misconceived or erroneous statement, harming the efforts of the government for a national cause," it further noted.

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Posted on: 2024-04-11T14:56:00+05:00