Plan to set up mini industrial estates in Sialkot

SIALKOT, Mar 12 (APP): The Punjab government is actively considering to establish mini industrial estates in remote and less-developed areas of the province.

The aim of the proposed programme was to promote small-scale agro based and other industries in the province and the work on it will be carried out in next fiscal year.

Official sources told APP here on Monday, the step was being taken for the promotion of small-scale industries aimed at generating a large number of employment opportunities for unwaged skilled and semi-skilled persons in Punjab. Under the proposed plan, special attention will be paid on the establishment of agro-based industries in remote and neglected areas.

The proposed plan will not only generate employment opportunities for the skilled and semi-skilled workers but also supportive to discourage the rapid rural migration towards the cities of Punjab. The proposed programme will also serve its dual role in broadening strong industrial base and ensure the development process in far-off and neglected areas of Punjab.

Posted on: 2018-03-12T16:37:00+05:00