PBS develops sample selection software

October 10, 2019: The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has developed a software that would help automatic selection of samples for various surveys, hence reducing the human interference in this process by around 90 percent.

“The software named ‘Sample Selection Software’ has been developed by Support Service Wing of the bureau,” official sources said here Thursday.

The software was developed following the concept by the Sample Design section of the bureau to automate the lengthy and time-taking procedure for selection of sample blocks for different surveys, they said.

Prior to the development of the software, the Sample Design section had provided complete details of all steps being adopted for selection of sample along with all necessary documentation for its development.

The sources said that this was a big achievement of the bureau as this procedure had reduced 90 percent workload of sample selection, as the work was previously being done manually.


Posted on: 2019-10-10T13:10:00+05:00