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Pakistan’s Forex Reserves fall to USD 13.832 Billion

Pakistan's reserves fell to their lowest level since Dec 05, 2014 having declined by around 6.87% over the past month and by over 30.5% from the corresponding period from last year (Nov 03, 2017) as, according to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the country's total liquid foreign reserves stood at USD13,832 Million on November 09 2018.

In a statement issued earlier Moody's highlighted that Pakistan's reserves adequacy is among the lowest of rated sovereigns, covering less than two months of imports as of September 2018.

Summary of Holding and Weekly Change

Foreign reserves held by Nov 09, 2018 Nov 02, 2018 Change % Change
State Bank of Pakistan 7,482.90 7,678.90 -196.00 -2.55%
Net Foreign Reserves Held by Banks 6,349.10 6,389.20 -40.10 -0.63%
Total Liquid Foreign Reserves 13,832.00 14,068.10 -236.10 -1.68%

Amount in USD Million

According to the SBP it’s reserves decreased due to external debt servicing and other official payments.


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