Pakistan’s debt servicing costs reach $4.969 billion during current fiscal year

According to the latest data published by the State Bank of Pakistan, total debt servicing by the government during the first nine months of current fiscal year reached a total of $4.969 billion.

Principal Amount payments during the first nine months totaled at $3.528 billion, major chunk of which comes from the Public debt particularly concentrated under the Government Debt head. Interest payable on the principal of public debt totaled at $1.441 billion.

Debt servicing of the Public Sectors Enterprises (PSEs) reached $334 million, with total jumping to $133 million in the third quarter of current fiscal year. The total interest paid under this head reached $998 million.

Furthermore, the total private sector debt continues to decline in the last three quarters as it fell from $303 million in Q1 FY 18 to $173 million in Q2 FY 18. The total sum paid for the Private Sector debt reached Rs. $687 million.

Posted on: 2018-05-22T14:22:00+05:00