Pakistan witnesses 137% growth in FDI during 1QFY20

October 17, 2019(MLN): Foreign Investment in Pakistan during the month of September 2019 rose by 393 %, from $126.4 million in the same period of last year to $622.6 million.

The massive increase of 137% of foreign investment has been observed in the first quarter of FY20 to $886.6 million. Whereas, it jumped by 297%, from $156.8 million to $622.6 million in September 2019, MoM.

According to the data gathered by the State Bank of Pakistan, the foreign private investment witnessed the growth by 51%, YoY, in the 1QFY20. Wherein $542.1 million came in the form of direct investment and $22.7 million came in the form of portfolios – equity securities to be specific.

On the other hand, the country observed investment in portfolio especially in debt securities by the amount of $321.8 million during 1QFY20.

Moreover, direct investment under the category of foreign private investment stood at $385.3, marking a rise of 112%, in September 2019 when compared to the same period of the last year. However, the portfolio investment recorded an outflow of $13.6 million from equity markets.

The country observed foreign public portfolio investment in debt securities by the amount of $250 million during September 2019 in the corresponding period last year.

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