Pakistan signs global Renderpest post eradication and security project with FAO

March 14, 2019: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Government of Pakistan on Thursday joined hands for strengthening collaboration to take concrete measures against the reemergence of deadly “Renderpest” virus to promote the livestock and dairy sectors of the country.

In this regard both the organization have signed 'Global Renderpest post eradication and security project', which was aiming at to strengthen the post eradication surveillance system with coherent and persistent efforts to educate the farmers, besides initiating awareness campaign among the farmers.

Under the agreement, FAO would provide financial and technical assistance and share the latest international experiences and expertise with Pakistan for strengthening the post eradication efforts to develop a strong surveillance system against the reemergence of the virus.

Under the program, awareness about the virus would be created, besides the field extensions of the provincial governments would trained which would further educate and train the farmers of remote and rural areas across the country.

The deadly virus had destroyed the livestock and about 50,000 animals were died in Northern areas of the country and efforts were started in collaboration with FAO and other international organization to make the country render pest free.

Due to the continued efforts of the government and other stakeholders, in 2007 Pakistan was declared a render pest free country and after that no outbreak of the disease was recorded.


Posted on: 2019-03-14T16:30:00+05:00