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Pakistan Economic Survey to be launched on Thursday

The government is all set to launch the Economic Survey 2017-18 on Thursday, April 26, to share key economic indicators and the performance of different sectors of the economy during the year.

The survey would highlight the main features of the government’s economic policies, which had resulted in macro-economic stability and growth rate of about 5.8 per cent, according to APP.

The survey will cover the development of all the important sectors of economy, including growth and investment, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, fiscal development, money and credit, capital markets, inflation, debt and liabilities.

The survey will also highlight the performance of agriculture, education, health and nutrition, besides showing the overall population, labour force and employment, poverty, transport and communication and per capital income, sources said.

It will also highlight issues of environment, contingent liabilities, tax expenditure as well as economic and social indicators.

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