Pak Suzuki Motor Company profits rises 37.96% to Rs. 3.825 billion

Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) today announced financial results for the year ending December 2017.  Company’s turnover crossed the 100 billion mark during the year 2017 when total sales clocked in at Rs. 101 billion up by 33 percent during the year.

The company reported a 33.24 percent jump in cost of sales, with gross margins jumping from Rs. 7.348 billion to Rs. 9.652 billion.

The Japanese automakers’ Distribution Costs increased by more than 40 percent during the period, which cost the company a total sum of Rs. 2.804 billion. Furthermore, company’s finance costs went down by more than 29 percent during the period.

The Suzuki Motor Company reported a net profit for year at 3.825 billion during the period, up by 38 percent from 2016’s Rupees 2.772 billion.

The company’s earnings per share clocked in at 46.49 per share against 33.69 per share in 2016. In addition to that, the company also declared a final cash dividend of Rupees 18.6 per share i.e. 186 percent.

Comparison of Key Financials
Unconsolidated Profit and Loss Account – For the Year Ended, December 30th 2017
Key Financials20172016% Change
Amounts in PKR ‘000
Cost of Sales92,159,03869,167,46333.24%
Gross Profit9,652,5737,348,57731.35%
Distribution Cost2,804,2562,004,28539.91%
Administrative Expenses1,599,8151,539,5903.91%
Finance Cost68,08895,775-28.91%
Other Operating Income864,7111,039,851-16.84%
Profit from Operations5,631,1284,415,23627.54%
Sahre of loss from Associated Company(11,914)
Profit before Taxation5,619,2144,415,23627.27%
Net Profit for Year3,825,8212,772,63537.99%
Profit available for appropriation3,827,7862,774,61437.96%
EPS – Basic46.4933.6937.99%

Company release on Earnings Report can be accessed here.

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