OMO Result: SBP Injects Rs.1,175.00 Billion for 1 Day

SBP Conducted an OMO (Reverse Repo) on Thursday in which it injected Rs.1,175.00 Billion into the market for 1 Day.

Summary of OMO Result

TenorTypeOfferedAcceptedHigh – LowAcceptedOfferedAccepted
1DReverse Repo (Injection)1,316.3501,175.00010.12 % – 10.02 %10.05 %2017
Total amount offered at 10.05% was PKR 515,550.00 Mio out of which SBP accepted 396,900.00 Mio on Pro-rata basis
OMO Settlement: Same Day (Dec 06, 2018)
*Amount in Billions
Posted on: 2018-12-06T11:58:00+05:00