No diversion of CPEC projects’ funds allocated under PSDP FY19: Spokesperson

March 6, 2019: The ministry of Planning, Development, and Reform Wednesday said that the government had not diverted the funds allocated for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2018-19.

“The allocations made for CPEC projects were as per requirement and demand of executing agencies for FY 2018-19 and despite rationalization of PSDP from Rs.800 billion to Rs.675 billion, allocations of on-going CPEC projects were protected,” the spokesperson of the ministry said in a statement.

Referring to a recent news published by local newspaper under the caption “Government diverted Rs.24 billion to Lawmakers Schemes”, the official said the news was misleading and deviation from the facts.

He said while reviewing PSDP 2018-19 in September, 2018, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform kept an allocation of Rs.27 billion for CPEC and other initiatives which was meant to undertake new initiatives mainly for the betterment of the population by improving quality of life. 

The sectors include education, health, clean drinking water, and sanitation, farm to market roads, gas, electricity and other interventions leading to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This programme is community driven and the execution will be governed by adhering to strict rules and managed by a Steering Committee.

It is wrong to give an impression that funds have been diverted from CPEC projects to law makers’ schemes, the spokesperson said.

He said the SDGs Achievement Programme would help achieve SDGs since the programme was responsive in nature and make intervention as per demand of the people of area and region.

In fact, he said from next financial year the government would start another programme to be called as Regional Equalization Programme in consultation with the Provincial Governments to ensure balance and equitable regional growth by starting programmes and projects in the less developed districts of the country.

The SDGs Achievement Programme is a tool to meet the demand of people on one hand and on the other it will fulfill the commitment made by Pakistan to the Comity of Nations, he added.


Posted on: 2019-03-06T16:04:00+05:00