Nasser calls for early closure of Afghan conflict to realize economic potential

APP: National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Nasser Khan Janjua on Tuesday stressed the significance of cooperation among regional and international players to seek an early closure of Afghan conflict, paving way for realizing economic potential of region.

The Advisor, presently visiting Iran on invitation of Iranian government, was speaking at 2nd Tehran Security Conference. 

He projected Pakistan's perspective on security challenges of the region, particularly decade’s old conflict in neighboring Afghanistan which has created problems for neighboring countries and threatened peace and security of the region and beyond.

The Advisor highlighted challenges faced by the region including great power rivalries in West Asia, the policies to contain Russia and China and above all grave challenge of terrorist groups such as Daesh which is gaining a foothold in Afghanistan.

He reminded the audience of unprecedented sacrifices of 60,000 people of Pakistan and valiant performance of armed forces and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). Nasser Janjua said Pakistan also sustained losses of US $ 120 billion to economy since 9/11.

As regards the way forward to overcome regional challenges, he stressed that the countries of the region should approach regional issues within a framework of cooperation and collaboration instead of competition and confrontation.

Rather than indulging in public rhetoric, regional countries should take practical measures in a cooperative framework to resolve complex issues facing the region. In this regard, he called upon international community to address problem of narco business in Afghanistan which is feeding monster of terrorism.

Posted on: 2018-01-09T17:04:00+05:00