Multiple Micro Hydro Power Projects completed at Kurram

The micro-hydro power project to supply electricity to more than seventy houses from Kurram River has been completed with an estimated cost of nine million rupees.

The media team that visited the site said the hydro power project at Kurram River was completed by Fata Secretariat Peshawar for neglected area of Noor Khan Kandah and electricity to around 75 houses was provided. With completion of this project the area people exclusive of using heater and geezers will have uninterrupted power supply for their daily use.

Talking to media team area elders Haji Habib, Haji Muneer, Jamal Hussain and Kamal Hussain said we all are thankful to Governor KP, Iqbal Zarar Jhagra, Fata Secretariat and Political Administration for addressing this long-standing issue of the area.

They demanded restart of work on protective embankments along River Kurram to save agricultural land from erosion and execution of more hydro power projects in other parts of Kurram Agency.

Posted on: 2018-04-30T13:49:00+05:00