MTB Auction Result: SBP Sells T-Bills Worth Rs.1,924.057 Billion

The State Bank of Pakistan conducted an auction on Wednesday in which it sold Treasury Bills worth Rs. 1,924.057 Billion for 3 and 6 months.

The auction target was Rs. 950 Billion against a maturing amount of Rs1,091.197 Billion. 

The cutoff yield for the 3 Month T-Bill was 6.2399 percent a slight decrease from the previous auction and the 6 Month T-Bill cut off was 6.3519 percent. While the amount picked up for the 6 month t-bill was only Rs.5 Billion, it was the first successful auction since Dec 06, 2017 and the first since the SBP raised the policy rate in January.

There were no bids made for the 12 month T-Bill.

Posted on: 2018-04-11T20:15:00+05:00