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Money supply surges by 10% YoY in June

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August 28, 2019 (MLN): The total money supply in the economy during June 2019 stood at Rs 2.44 trillion, marking a growth of 3% as in last month it was Rs 20.8 trillion, shows provisional statistics of Monetary Aggregates for the month, released by the State Bank of Pakistan.

On yearly basis, the money supply displayed a growth of 10% as it recorded Rs 19.4 trillion in June 2018.

Having broken down the overall money supply in broad categories, the central bank’s data shows that a total of Rs.4.93 trillion were circulated as notes while Rs.9.47 trillion accounts for transferable deposits which comprise all deposits that are exchangeable on demand at par without penalty/restriction.

The amount circulated as notes during the month has decreased by 2% MoM, whereas on yearly basis it increased by over Rs 561 billion or 13%.

Apart from this, other deposits constituted Rs.3 trillion in June 2019, up by 16%, YoY. Other deposits represent all claims other than transferable deposits in national or foreign currency that are represented by evidence of deposits. In contrast, coins circulated reduced by 1% during the year.

Rs.257 billion worth of deposits were held with post offices while National Saving Schemes held Rs.3.69 trillion, down from Rs.3.75 trillion.

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