LPG marketing companies increase consumer prices without notification from OGRA

October 1, 2018 (MLN): Chairman LPG Distributors Association Pakistan & Founder/Chairman LPG Industries Association of Pakistan (LPG Chamber of Pakistan) Mr. Irfan Khokhar has said that LPG Marketing Companies have increased the LPG prices without any notification from OGRA.

The prices were increased on the basis of $38/MT hike in Saudi Aramco Contact Price which in turn increased LPG consumer prices approximately by Rs. 5.50/kg, Rs. 65.58/domestic cylinder, Rs. 252.35/commercial cylinder and Rs. 5557.74/MT.

Approximate new rates as of today are Rs. 142.29/kg, Rs. 1679.01/domestic cylinder & Rs. 6207.60/commercial cylinder.

Irfan Khokhar stated that Saudi Aramco Contact Price increased from $617 to $655 after increase of $38/MT.

He affirmed that no notification of price or tax reduction has been issued as of yet, and appealed to the Government of Pakistan to issue tax reduction notification as soon as possible.

He also ordered all LPG distributors to sell at rates that will be notified by Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority.

Previously, OGRA had notified consumer prices in September 2018 as Rs. 136.73/kg, Rs. 1613.43/domestic cylinder, Rs. 6207.60/commercial cylinder & Rs. 136732.26/MT.

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