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KE to invest $2bn in transmission, distribution: CEO

K-Electric lauded for top HSE standards by NEPRA in 2024 report
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April 25, 2024 (MLN): K-Electric will invest $2 billion in Transmission and Distribution over the next seven years to manage the city’s needs through targeted investments and tech-based interventions, CEO KE Moonis Alvi stated right after the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) decided on the utility’s Transmission & Distribution Investment Plan till FY30 on Thursday.

"Our teams at K-Electric are reviewing NEPRA’s decision in detail and will remain engaged with NEPRA, and as we move forward, a sustainable and cost-reflective tariff remains critical for the timely execution of the investment plan," he added

The paln will catalyze the company’s efforts to reduce losses in transmission and distribution, drive growth in its customer base, and bolster the power utility’s infrastructure to meet current demands and future needs. 

Investment in power utility infrastructure is essential to ensure a smooth, stable, safe, and uninterrupted supply of electricity to a growing number of customers. Since privatization, an investment of Rs544 billion has enabled KE to double its customer base, double the power consumption of this customer base, and more than halve its T&D losses. 

The plan was submitted by regulatory guidelines and a hearing was held in March 2023 where KE management apprised stakeholders regarding the projects being planned from FY2024 to FY2030.

For this period, KE has identified priorities and projects for investment areas such as growth, energy loss reduction, network rehabilitation, maintenance, and safety. Digitization is also a central area of focus in these operational areas.

The investment plan outlines projects to install more AMRs and implement technology such as Advanced Distribution Management Systems and Meter Data Management Systems to strengthen internal processes and introduce more transparency as well.

On the transmission front, the plan envisages the addition of grids and transmission lines which will further strengthen the reliability of KE’s network and enable the offtake of additional power from the National Grid.

The investment plan complements the company’s Power Acquisition Program through which KE has outlined its vision to achieve a 30% share of renewable energy in its generation mix by 2030.

In this regard, the company has also received regulatory approval on RFPs of 640MW renewable projects which is another critical link in the mission to enable access to affordable energy for all.

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Posted on: 2024-04-25T08:55:02+05:00