Health Minister Kiani calls for expanding Pharma Exports to $2 billion

September 27, 2018 (MLN): Federal Minister for Health Services, Mr. Aamer Mehmood Kiani in a meeting with industry representatives, took up the concerns of pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters and called for expanding the export potential of the industry to $2 billion from $230 million at the moment.

He met with pharmaceutical exporters and manufacturers to discuss mechanisms to boost the volume of pharmaceutical and alternative medicine exports and advised the industry representatives to submit a working paper on how the export volume of this sector could be improved.

Recognizing the immense potential of the industry, which currently stands as the sixth largest sector contributing to the overall exports of Pakistan, the minister stressed on boosting the output via enhancing engagements with Pakistani Missions abroad so they could facilitate exporters within the industry once they have fulfilled the regulatory requirements of the importing country.

Federal Minister, in response to the concerns of the pharmaceutical industry, which was being represented by the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association and top 20 Pharma exporters of Pakistan, emphasized on the need of harmonization and facilitation of pharma export sector by engaging the Customs and Trade and Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) for the resolution of their grievances.

CEO Drug Rregulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), Dr. Sheikh Akhter Hussain who was also present at the meeting, apprised the Federal Minister that DRAP has already taken the initiative to facilitate local manufacturers who are exporting to other countries. This facilitation includes fast track registration, incentive of registration of one molecule against a hundred thousand US Dollars of export in a fiscal year, and guidance and facilitation in the issuance of regulatory documentation for the purpose of exports.

CEO DRAP assured the pharma industry that in order to further facilitate exports of the industry, the relevant authority would be establishing a separate desk for export purposes only where all the concerns of the exporters would be addressed regarding the issuance of necessary documentation.

He also apprised the minister that DRAP is currently in the process of harmonizing its regulatory functions in line with international best practices to obtain recognition and acceptance of the local pharmaceutical industry in foreign nations.

DRAP will also facilitate the exporters for the registration, enlistment and issuance of GMP certificate and certificate of pharmaceutical products (CoPP). CEO also assured the pharma sector that DRAP is adamant at ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of medicine and every effort will be made to facilitate the industry in the ambit of the law. The boost in Pharmaceutical and alternative medicine sector will also be able to bring new technologies and research and development labs in Pakistan.

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