Haleeb Foods refurbishes its business model to compete with multinational giants

November 13, 2018 (MLN): Haleeb Foods is endeavoring to reposition itself by establishing partnerships with European research and innovation centres as well as local farmers to enhance its product range. It is also focusing on modernizing its entire setup and strengthening its research and development segment in order to compete with multinational food giants.

Furthermore, the new management has introduced four new products in a span of six months to diversify in segments other than dairy, ranging from juices to water and allied products.

According to the Haleeb Foods’ official, the company has cleared all its debts which the old management had taken, and is now reinvesting profits for product diversification.

But despite the focus of coming out of a single product mind-set, its leading product Haleeb milk is expected to remain a key product for a long time, which will take the business forward.

The company once had a market share of 54% in the packaged milk category, which later declined over the years. It now has around 9% market share, according to the CEO.

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Posted on: 2018-11-13T14:09:00+05:00