Govt’s domestic and external debt expands by 31.3%

August 09, 2019 (MLN): The central government's domestic and external debts in fiscal year 2019 have collectively added up to a total sum to Rs.31.8 trillion as per the latest of the monthly released statistical reports, issued by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Compared to fiscal year 2018, this translates into an expansion of Rs.7.6 trillion or 31.3% as FY18's debts were recorded at Rs.24.2 trillion.

A breakdown of the total debt shows that Rs.11 trillion were borrowed from external avenues while the remaining Rs.20.7 trillion were borrowed from within the country.

The larger portion of the domestic debt was long term which amounted to Rs. 15 trillion. It comprised of Federal Government Bonds of Rs. 11 trillion, Unfunded Debt of Rs. 3.1 trillion, and Foreign Currency Loans of Rs. 7 billion.

The remaining portion of domestic debt accounted for short-term debt of Rs. 5.5 trillion.  

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Posted on: 2019-08-09T18:41:00+05:00