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Government should intervene, ending the strike, losses to exporters reaches Rs 6 bln per day

Exporters and Importers in Karachi are suffering hardships due to strike called by the Goods Transporters Association, resulting in delaying in movement of goods from port to factories and to port.

The transporters Goods strike has entered into third day and according to the Chairman of Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association Jawaid Bilwani, the strike has resulted in colossal losses for exporters, amounting to Rs 6 billion per day.
“We are unable to deliver the goods at the port where vessels have been stand by to lift cargoes for overseas shipments, huge penalties have been imposed and more would be imposed soon due to delay delivering the goods”, he said.

Goods Transporters have called the strike owing to Sindh High Court, banning the movement of heavy vehicles in the city. They have been asked to move their goods through northern by pass. According to Ghulam Yaseen, Chairman of Goods Transporters Association, because of this decision the fare of containers would be increased to Rs 30000 per trip from Rs 8000 per trip. Because earlier we have to travel eight to ten kilometers to deliver the goods now after using Northern by pass, the total travel duration will reach 180 kilometers. The government should intervene and immediately withdraw the decision.
While on the other hands, exporters and importers have asked government to immediately intervene in the matter and resolve the issue as already the exports are falling and due to this act, the shipments might fall further.
Ramzan is approaching and delay in resolving the issue would inflate the prices, which might spike in the holy month.

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