FIA launches crackdown against illegal currency smuggling

January 12, 2022: In pursuance of the directives of DG FIA, Dr. Sana Ullah Abbasi and Director KP, Mujahid Akbar khan, FIA Peshawar on Wednesday arrested accused Rahim Shah s/o Ahmed Shah, Broker Link international Dean center Peshawer.

According to a press statement, during the raid accused Rahim Shah was found involved in the illegal business of currency exchange and booked under relevant laws.

He got US Dollar 16,518,700 and 502,000 Saudi Royals from Link money changer Peshawer; Dollar East money changers Peshawar and was the most wanted currency smuggler arrested by CBC Peshawer.

He was involved in the sale and purchase of US Dollars 16,518,700.

“It's big success against the campaign of currency smuggling,” the statement claimed.


Posted on: 2022-01-12T16:45:41+05:00