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Fertilizer offtake jumps by 34.5% YoY in April

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May 27, 2022 (MLN): The country’s overall nutrients offtake surged by 34.5% to 322,000 tonnes during April 2022 from 240,000 tonnes in the same month last year, the latest monthly report of fertilizer offtake issued by the National Fertilizer Development Company (NDFC) showed today.

Among the nutrients, nitrogen and phosphate offtake increased by 34.7% and 42.2% to stand at 260,000 and 60,000, respectively during April 2022. While potash offtake went down by 44% when compared to April 2021.

The report underlined that about 822,000 tonnes of different fertilizer products were produced in Pakistan during the month of April 2022. Out of this, urea has the major share of 70.4% with 579,000 tonnes.

Other products were DAP (75,000 tonnes), Nitrophos (80,000 tonnes), CAN (72,000 tonnes), SOP (1,700 tonnes), SSP (7,200 tonnes) and various grades of NPK (8,000 tonnes). Total imported supplies were 65,000 tonnes comprising 60,000 tonnes of DAP, 3,200 tonnes of SOP and a small quantity of AS i.e., 1,500 tonnes during April 2022.


The country’s urea sales increased by 48.4% to 459,000 tonnes in April 2022 when compared to 309,000 tonnes in the corresponding month of last year.

As per the report, the high price of DAP has resulted in increased usage of urea and other nitrogenous fertilizers

Meanwhile, the price of a 50 kg bag of urea (sona) in the domestic market during the said month jumped by 8.3% MoM to Rs2,096 while the price of urea (other) went up by 6.5% to Rs1,998 over March 2022.

In the international market, Fob bulk China urea price during April 2022 fluctuated in the range of US $ 690-800/t fob bulk. Middle East fob bulk urea price was in the range of US$ 725-930/t. Ex-Karachi price of imported urea was in the range of Rs8,016 to Rs10,486 per 50 kg bag.

Province-wise, urea offtake increased in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan by 55%, 89% and 8% respectively, as compared with April 2021. Its offtake decreased by 43% in KP over the same period the previous year.

Outlook for Kharif 2022

Urea availability during Kharif 2022 is estimated to be around 3,429,000 tonnes comprising 200,000 tonnes of previous season leftover and local production of 3,229,000 tonnes.

The urea offtake is projected to be around 3,402,000 tonnes during Kharif 2022, reflecting a tight situation from June 2022 onward. Therefore, the plan for the import of 200,000 tonnes of urea needs to be materialized immediately; otherwise, a shortage may occur during the remaining period of Kharif 2022, the report added.


The sales of diammonium phosphate (DAP) a significant increase of 106.3% to 95,000 tonnes in April 2022, against 46,000 tonnes recorded in the same month last year.

This increase in offtake of DAP does not reflect the real picture as the offtake in April 2021 was below the normal sale; hence, the percentage increase seems to be high (more than 100 %), the report noted.

The report stated that the price of a 50 kg bag of DAP in the domestic market during the said month edged up by 0.7% to Rs9,396 when compared to Rs9,327 reported in March 2022.

In the international market, DAP prices during April 2022 were around US$ 1,110-1,190/t in Australia, while US$ 1,050-1,095/t in China market.

Province-wise, DAP offtake during the review month increased in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan by 73%, 369% and 58% respectively, while its offtake decreased by 14% in KP over April 2021.

As per the report, Kharif 2022 started with an opening stock of 276,000 tonnes of DAP. Domestic production during the season is estimated to be 425,000 tonnes and imported supplies of 135,000 tonnes. Thus, the total availability of DAP will be around 836,000 tonnes. The demand for DAP is projected around 917,000 tonnes.

The supply and demand gap will be filled by imports through the private sector.

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