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ECC Meeting decides to meet fertilizer demand through local production

The Meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet, held under the chairmanship of Asad Umar, Federal Minister for Finance, has decided that all demand for fertilizers are from now onwards to be met via domestic production.

The only exception to this will be provided when domestic production falls short of demand, in which case permission to import would be granted.

With regard to the power sector, ECC suggested installation of pre-paid meters for the power sector, and directed power distribution companies to start working on the installation of these meters.

On circular debt, the meeting determined that issue of circular debt would be placed before the Prime Minister for a decision on the matter.

The government has also determined to take a stiff action against the theft of electricity, calling for all illegal connections to be discontinued within three months from now. In this regard, the Committee has declared that all consumers, whether they belong to a federal department or any other department, will be facing actions on the matter if they fail to oblige.

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