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Dost Steels to begin hot commissioning of its plant well before 31st March

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Chairman, Dost Steel Limited, Mr. Naim Anwar while talking to MG Link News said that “The plant will begin Commercial Production, soon for which the Board Meeting this month is expected to give the approval by the end of this month”.

Commenting on the company’s growth strategy, he said that “Demand directs the supply; the plant will cater to the existing demand but company is open to cover all four provinces of the country.” 

Dost Steel Ltd. (DSL) talking to MG Link News mentioned that it expects the commercial production at   plant to begin well before stipulated deadline of 30th March 2018, ceteris paribus. The company has already tested the trial production of the plan. The company will start the Hot Commissioning and begin production at the earliest date.

The fully automated plant has higher efficiencies than the local competitors. With automation, the company management is also confident of the much lower cost of production.

Chairman DSL, Mr. Naim further mentioned that “The Plant is being run with the help from Turkish Consultants, in addition to the local team and management”.

In a telephonic conversation, the Company Chairman mentioned that, “The production will help company cater to rising demands and increasing the geographical coverage. DSL seeks to increase its market share by expanding the sales coverage into the entire country but with an emphasis on Northern Provinces especially Gilgit – Baltistan, KPK and other CPEC SEZs.”

Ever since the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor was launched by the Government, Steel Manufacturers, Cement Producers and other related industries have all expanded the production to take advantage of the rising local demand.

The Company also informed the exchange regarding their successful completion of Electrification for 132 KVS Grid at the Mill Site on 18th of November, 2017, via which it seeks to gain energy independence.

Posted on: 2018-01-10T13:25:00+05:00