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Dost Steel begins commercial production

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In a notice informing the exchange, Dost Steel today announced that it has started operations in its newly commissioned unit.

“Commercial Operations of the company have been started from 28th of February, 2018 and it has achieved its first sale also on the same date”, read the company release.

The company acknowledged the efforts of Turkish and Italian consultants working on the site to help with the commencement.

Chairman, Dost Steel Limited, Mr. Naim Anwar while talking to MG Link News in January said that “The plant will begin Commercial Production, soon for which the Board Meeting this month is expected to give the approval by the end of January”.

Dost Steel Ltd. (DSL) Chairman also mentioned that it expects commercial production at plant to begin well before stipulated deadline of 30th March 2018, ceteris paribus. The company has already tested the trial production of the plan.

The company has successfully completed the project well before the designated date.

Posted on: 2018-03-02T11:38:00+05:00