Dawood Lawrencepur to sell off ‘Lawrencenpur’ brand due to decline in its market worth

December 17, 2019 (MLN): The Board of Directors of Dawood Lawrencepur, in its meeting held on December 16, 219, has approved the disposal of ‘Lawrencepur’ brand to Sach International (Private) Limited, an associate company, at a price of Rs. 81.5 million as against the independent valuation of Rs. 78.1 million conducted by Messrs Edessa Consulting.

For 9 years, the company has changed its business interest from textile to renewable energy due to the continual adverse trend seen in the textile sector. Therefore, due to the deterioration of ‘Lawrencepur’ brand’s market worth and with the intention to safeguard shareholders’ return, the Board of Directors has decided to dispose of the brand.

Over the year the company has closed down its textile business. The Lawrencepur Woollen and Textile unit was shut down in 2013. Since then the Brand was not used by the Company and is deteriorating its value. In order to preserve the Brand Value, the Company has decided to sell the Brand to its associated company at an independent valuation carried out by the evaluator, as approved by the shareholders. The associated company is engaged in the business of selling fabric and stitched garments under the Brand name of ‘Lawrencepur’.

The proceeds from the disposal of ‘Lawrencepur’ brand will be invested in renewable energy and related businesses carried by the Company and will seek to maximize shareholders’ return.

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Posted on: 2019-12-17T12:11:00+05:00