Controversial housing project gets reprieve from High court

February 14, 2020 (MLN): The Deputy Commissioner of Karachi-West, Fayyaz Alam has sent a letter to the Chairman of Enquiries and Anti-Corruption Establishment, Provincial Authorities as well as five companies, requesting them to cancel all layout plans, cease Banking Transactions and initiate a comprehensive inquiry in respect of Naya Nazimabad Housing Society, a mega housing project of Arif Habib Limited.

In the letter, the Deputy Commissioner has stated that a part of the project comprising around 450 acres is situated on the level ground where the construction activity has been ongoing in full swing in the recent past. However, the remaining major part of this megaproject has been planned, strangely and very suspiciously, on top if what constitutes a chain of hillocks spanning around 700 acres. These hillocks were being furiously cut for crush as well as clearance purposes to make way for the upcoming residential units.

Revealing some of the findings of available records, the Commissioner informed that the Gath Wadh Form was initially cancelled, but was restored later on. On query, the Director Settlement informed that letter of restoration produced by Arif Habib Limited was fake and forged because no record was available in this regard. Subsequently, the Deputy Commissioner’s office requested SBCA to cancel the layout plan of Naya Nazimabad and bank have been instructed to cease transactions in regard to the project.

Furthermore, he informed that the title documents of the project shared by the management of Naya Nazimabad exposed glaring loopholes, as the land being used by the management of for their ongoing project, was specifically given for the purpose of establishing a cement factory.

‘Arif Habib has launched a mega housing project without getting the use converted from the competent forum’ the Commissioner stated.

Moreover, he said that there were a significant number of discrepancies and inconsistencies in the various entries of record of rights related to the project with altered and managed chronologies, which cast serious doubts on the title claim by Arif Habib Limited.

If media reports are to be believed, the Sindh High Court, in response to these shocking claims, has asked the relevant authorities to not take action for now. The interference by Sindh High Court transpired after Arif Habib Limited approached it for seeking a stay order on the aforesaid complaints.

Furthermore, the Sindh Court has issued notices to all concerned parties, requesting them to appear before it on February 27.

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