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CDWP recommends $6.7bn ML-1 project to ECNEC

CDWP recommends $6.7bn ML-1 project to ECNEC
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May 23, 2024 (MLN): The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has recommended Re-Modified PC-1 for upgradation of Pakistan Railways' existing Main Line (ML-1) and the establishment of Dry Port near Havelian with a cost of $6.7 billion to Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC).

Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, chaired a CDWP meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday, said a press release issued on the same day.

The CDWP approved seven development projects worth Rs23 billion and recommended four projects to ECNEC for consideration.

Among these, three projects are worth Rs82.24bn, while the fourth project, ML-1, is recommended with a cost of $6.7bn.

The agenda included discussions on projects of Transport & Communication, Agriculture & Food, Education, Energy, Health, Higher Education, Information Technology and Physical Planning & Housing sectors.

Three projects related to Transport & Communications sector presented in the meeting.

The implementation arrangement of ML-1 is through Implementation Unit / China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Pakistan Railways, Ministry of Railways under EPC Mode.

The project is proposed to be financed through foreign funding under CPEC framework agreement.

The Pakistan Railways network is an important part of the transport sector and it has been facilitating the movement of people and goods.

Pakistan Railways infrastructure is more than a century old and has outlived its useful life.

Some of the structures are on the verge of collapse and are a threat to safety of train operations.

Most of the track components viz. rails, sleepers, fastenings, turnouts, ballast, bridges/culverts, and sub-grades as well as signalling & telecommunication systems have exhausted their life.

The original track which was built in late 19th century and early 20th century had been designed for low speeds and lesser axle loads which do not commensurate with the present day loading patterns and desired speeds.

The Government of Pakistan aims to build necessary logistics facilities to support GDP growth and in this regard it intends to up-grade and modernize Pakistan Railways Network.

PR has been a financial burden on the national exchequer and Vision 2025 envisions the PR to become a financially and socially viable organization.

This is a vital component of seven pillars of Vision 2025 “Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure & Greater Regional Connectivity” so as to ensure reduction in transportation costs, safety in mobility, effective connectivity between rural areas and markets /urban centers, inter-provincial high-speed connectivity, integrated road/rail networks between economic hubs (including air, sea and dry ports) and also high capacity transportation corridors connecting major regional trading partners.

To achieve the GoP’s objective, a major up-gradation of the railway system has been planned, including increasing speed of passenger and freight trains, doubling of tracks of the main line sections, and increasing line capacity so as to facilitate rail linkages to Central Asian States, China, and other neighboring countries.

The second project of Transport & Communication sector presented in the meeting namely “Construction of Rathoua Haryam Bridge Across Reservoir Channel on Mirpur Islamgarh Road" worth Rs9.24bn recommended to ECNEC for further consideration. 

The third project of T&C sector presented in the meeting namely “Construction of Muzaffarabad-Mansehra Expressway (26.300 Km.) Package-I: Km. 4+550 to 7+750Package -II: Km. 0+000 to 4+550 & 7+750 to 26+300 (Revised)” worth Rs58.08bn recommended to ECNEC for further consideration.

Phase 1 of project is to be financed through Saudi Fund for Development current funding of 100 Million Riyal (Package 1; Km 4+550 to Km 7+750 including Tunnel approximately 1 Km in length (with 2 years’ implementation period 1st July 2024 to 30th June 2026)

Phase 2 of project will cover remaining project including 3.4 km long tunnel & construction of Expressway.

The loan will be arranged for Balance portion during 1st year of project of Phase-1 & Implementation period to commence from second year i.e. July 01, 2025 to June 30, 2027).

A project related to Education presented in the meeting name "Establishment of Danish Schools in Azad Jammu Kashmir (Muzaffarabad, Poonch & Bagg) & Gilgit Baltistan (Gilgit, Skardu & A store)" worth Rs14.93bn recommended to ECNEC for further consideration.

In order to provide quality education to the marginalized and talented students, the Government of Punjab established a chain of Daanish Schools in all over the province.

It is the largest network of boarding schools for Girls and Boys in the country, they are far-reaching educational welfare schools established for the most marginalized segment of the society.

The other provinces are also establishing Daanish Schools to provide quality education to talented students.

The current federal government also intends to establish Daanish School in AJK and GB.

For this purpose, land of is proposed in the District for which detail visit shall be done in the feasibility stage.

Establishment of the Daanish School in AJK and GB represents a significant step towards addressing the challenges facing the education sector in the province.

By providing quality education to residents belonging to deprived sections, the government can empower learners, strengthen communities, and contribute to the development of a more equitable and inclusive society.

With dedication, collaboration, and innovation, we can transform education system’s pedagogy from rote learning to 21st century learning and leveraged education technology to improve and track delivery.

Three projects related to Higher Education presented in the meeting namely “Establishment of AJK Women University Bagh, AJK(Revised)” worth Rs17.95bn, second project presented namely “Provision of Academic and Research Facilities Air University Islamabad (Revised)” worth Rs21.88bn, and the third project presented in the meeting namely “Development of Sindh Madrasatul Islam University Campus at Education City, Malir Karachi” worth Rs28.52bn, all three projects of the Higher Education sector has been approved by the forum after detail discussion.

A project related to Health sector presented in the meeting namely “National Health Support Program Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” worth Rs25.48bn approved by the CDWP forum.

A project related Food & Agriculture sector presented in the meeting namely “Professional Capacity Building and Extension in Agriculture (TVET National Reform Program)” worth Rs6.3bn approved by CDWP.

The project is proposed to be financed through foreign funding

A project related to information Technology presented in the meeting namely “Establishment of deep Space Astronomical Observatories in Pakistan” worth Rs53.38bn approved by the CDWP forum.

A project related to Physical Planning & Housing presented in the meeting namely “Infrastructure Development of Islamabad Techno polis” worth Rs19.85bn recommended to ECNEC for further consideration.

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