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ACE Money Transfer partners with Habib Metro for secure money transfers to Pakistan

PKR edges higher against USD
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January 08, 2024 (MLN): ACE Money Transfer and Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited (PSX: HMB) have joined forces to offer a secure and convenient solution for online money transfers to Pakistan, according to the latest post by ACE.

Pakistanis living abroad understand the importance of sending money back home. These remittances are a lifeline for families, supporting education, healthcare, and daily living expenses.

However, navigating informal channels can be risky and unreliable.

Acknowledging this necessity, both entities have taken this measure to tackle the problem of illegal channels.

This partnership leverages the strengths of both organizations.

ACE Money Transfer, a global leader in cross-border money transfers, boasts a vast network of over 375,000+ payout partner locations in over 100 countries.

HMB, meanwhile, enjoys a robust presence in Pakistan with over 500 branches nationwide.

This collaboration streamlines the remittance process, ensuring faster, safer, and more transparent money transfers for the Pakistani diaspora.

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Posted on: 2024-01-08T11:35:01+05:00